Thursday, 18 September 2014


I know that after copious amounts of "New Shoes" posts, I definitely do not need to ramble through 3 paragraphs explaining/attempting to justify my addiction to buying new shoes. So I'm just gonna go right in and get to the juicy details of the pair in question today. They're from Primark - Oh hey shock of a life time - they're leopard print and black with a pointy toe. They're basically my favourite new things (which basically reads: favourite shoes for today, until I know doubt head to Primark tomorrow and buy another pair)
What I love about these, is that I feel like they are the taller, clumsier girl's heels. I'm 5.7 - and a half. That half is obviously so important ;) - so unless I'm attending a slightly dressier occasion, I'll tend to stick with flats/heeled boots. I do however have a ridiculous fear of being under dressed - yeah, first world problems...I know! - but luckily these shoes make an outfit look dressier and smart enough to shun the high heeled bad boys. Win win all around.
These flats were part of Primark's 'Limited Edition' range which made them slightly more expensive than the average Primark shoes (at a whopping £16, shut the fuck up front door!) but in my opinion, totally worth it. The Leopard print material is made from some sort of... haaaairy material [read: I haven't got a bloody clue, but it definitely isn't real] which makes them feel a bit more authentic too. My descriptive skills are as good as Britney Spears miming so I shall leave the description there, but basically, I love them :)

So what d'ya reckon, are these *insert Cheryl's Geordie accent here* "Right up your street?" Or are you thinking Kat Slater is going to call me and ask her for shoes back at any minute? I would love to know your thoughts!

P.S I have been ridiculously stressed this week and therefore ridiculously naughty too (don't tell me I'm the only one that uses retail therapy to 'make things better') and have made an eye-wateringly expensive haul from House of Fraser, including a very luxurious lipstick purchase. All will be revealed soon :)

As always, thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post.


Thursday, 11 September 2014


I try to avoid bandwagons or blogger hypes as much as possible. 1) because I never pull off anything as well as pretty much every other blogger on the planet 2) because being late to the party is practically my USP, and by the time I actually get round to posting about them, you've all been there, done that, got the [insert your own choice of bandwagon material here]

However, when I saw this little watch brand doing the circuit on the blogs, I was actually slightly compelled by them. (Yes, I did just say I was compelled by a watch. I totally understand that I need to get my priorities right) After hours - actual hours - spent searching blog posts about them, pinterest, Instagram etc. I finally decided that the Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady had to be mine.

Fast forward 5 days, and it is mine. And boy am I pleased I gave into my sartorial lusting!
Daniel Wellington watches are the epitome of the words classic and simple. They're very minimal and yet somehow manage to stand out amongst every other leather strapped watch. The face is very clean,  all white with the rose gold or silver dials - depending on which colour you opted for - and the strap is a very beautiful, genuine leather strap.
Prior to this little beauty, my arm candy consisted of a Michael Kors MK5055. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved that watch and completely wore it death. However, having bought it over 4 years ago - when hardly anyone had heard of Michael Kors - it is now worn by literally every man woman and his her dog. And I'm not just talking bloggers, when I worked on 'the only way is Essex' not one, but three other girls had it too. Which of course is absolutely fine, but sometimes... I guess it's just nice to have something a bit different. (Which is obviously a massive contradiction because Daniel Wellington is huge across the blogosphere* but hey, bloggers aren't a bad bunch to have similar tastes too, right?)
So, I think that's about it for my little Daniel Wellington fan girling session today. I would love to know what you make of the Daniel Wellington range. Do you have one yourself, planning to get one soon?
What's your verdict on blogging hypes/bandwagons, does it put you off if if every blogging lady in the world possesses the item...or do you just go with it anyway? Let me know :)

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

*PS saving for a house is going really well isn't it? [Insert Monkey covering it's eyes emoji here]


Sunday, 7 September 2014


I'll let you into a little secret, I'm really not very good when it comes to blogging events. (Well, let's be honest, if you've been to an event that I'm at and have seen me cowering in the corner too much of a pussy shy to introduce myself to anyone then that will definitely not be a secret to you.) I digress. I was invited to Scarlett's #BloggerFestival and this time, despite sometimes having the social awkwardness at blogging events to rival Sheldon from the Big Bang theory, I was really excited about.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


We live in a society where Beauty, Skin care and even Fashion to a degree are very much synonymous to women. All beauty adverts and campaigns - excluding the rare few that are aimed only towards men anyway - will consist of a beautiful woman, or a group of girl friends. They'll be light and airy and ultimately very feminine which I believe is one of the biggest reasons for such a divide in Male and Female skin care options and marketing to this day.

Let's take a little look into some of the reasons that us ladies - or the beauty obsessed ones like myself anyway - invest time and money into our Skin care regimes, shall we? Great, let's do it...

Ageing - That age old problem (see what I did there?... Such a loser). I think ageing is something that most only begin to think about once they're in the late 20's/30's, however it continues on throughout the rest of our lives. In my opinion, prevention is better than cure - let's bloody hope so with the amount that I've spent on skin care at the grand old age of 21 ;) - Wrinkled, dry and dehydrated skin is not something that anyone desires so there is no better time to start finding the anti-ageing products that work for you than right now.

Sunspots and pigmentation - Everyone likes catching the odd rays now and again so be it from being exposed to sun on holiday - or if you live in warmer climates (lucky you if you do!) - or a sneaky use of the terrible, terrible inventions that are sunbeds, you will probably notice the odd sun spot, or areas of pigmentation. If you haven't already, I assure you that unless you start protecting your skin with SPF, you more than likely will do very soon. I personally believe that no lotion or potion will cure pigmentation or sunspots but they definitely can improve their appearance greatly with the right serums. Or better yet, prevent it entirely with SPF.

Acne/Blemish prone skin - Finally, something that - I am confident to put it out there and say - I believe everyone has struggled with at some point in life. Whether it's the odd spot that you get, or you suffer from a more intense form of acne, we've all been there and this is the one problem that skincare and lifestyle changes can really make a huge difference to.

Each and every one of the reasons above are not just problems that women encounter. They are problems that occur no matter what age, or what gender you are. So why has a large part of the industry neglected such a huge portion of the target audience? I can't give you the answer to that but what I have done, in collaboration with House of Fraser, is develop a skincare guide for men, tried and tested by my very lucky boyfriend, brother and dad who have been inundated with products and knowledge.

On to the products...
Cleansing. Cleansing the skin - whether you are male of female, in your teens or the elderly - is incredibly important. It removes the day to day dirt and pollution that your skin naturally picks up throughout the day. It keeps your pores clean and clear preventing black heads and spots. It also keeps your skin glowing and radiant. It is, in layman's terms, one part of your skin care regime that nobody can afford to miss! My pick for you lovely gentlemen out there is Clinique for Men Face wash. This is perfect for you guys out there because it's very simple. Pop it on your hands, lather it up, wash it off... good to go. For the Oilier skinned guys out there, they also have an oil free version. It has quite masculine packaging which I think a lot of guys would appreciate too.
Moisturise/SPF. One of the most important - and yet undervalued - skin care products is SPF. Wrinkles, dark spots, dry leathery skin and pigmentation. All byproducts of sun damage. All byproducts that effect both men and women, young and old. Now, I do realise that one of the factors that puts a lot of men off when it comes to skin care is time, and having to faff with lots of products which is why I've chose an amazing moisturiser and SPF combined that both genders, and all ages will love. My top pick goes to the Clinique Face Cream SPF 40. It's moisturising but easily absorbed. It doesn't leave a greasy film on your skin, it really is undetectable which is great as from my experience, the texture and feel of a product is a big deterrent for men and their use of skin care. It does a brilliant job of protecting your skin from sun damage and ultimately, this little beauty is your best friend when it comes to premature ageing!
Blemish Control. A lot of men struggle with acne, bacne (that's spots/blemishes on your back, slightly gross idea, brilliant nickname) or even just the occasional spot. Even the metrosexual guys who don't have any time or interest for skin care won't want to walk around with visible blemishes which is why I highly recommend a spot control treatment. They dry out the spot's - the good ones will do so without damaging your skin and making it dry - they reduce the redness and swelling. They basically just make them look a whole lot less monster like which is a god send in my books! I recommend Origin's Super Spot remover. It does all of the above and is also featured in the men's range of skincare at House of Fraser so helps them to still feel manly whilst using it ;)

Now I will point out that if I were doing a skincare guide for myself or for women, I would definitely add a toner into the mix, however I'm cautious of overloading the males that might be reading this post, with a million products. (To quote my boyfriend "why the hell do I need anything more on my face, I've just used 2 things already") However if anyone is interested, I would recommend Kiehl's Ultra Facial toner. Kiehl's as a whole is an incredible brand and their range of men's products is one of the best - and most varied - I've found.
Lip balm. One area that does need a little bit of upkeep, is lips. Dry, chapped lips don't wait around for nobody - ladies or gents, if you don't moisturise those lips, they are going to get dry and chapped. Ain't nobody got time for that. - A fabulous find from House of Fraser's men's section goes to Molton Brown for Men Vitamin Lipsaver. My boyfriend and I both fell in love with it at first use. It sinks in well, but moisturises all day long. The perfect product for fuss free men.
Amping it up a notch. I believe everybody, male/female, young/old should indulge in a good face mask every now and again. They help to nourish the skin - which is extremely important for men as shaving, aftershave etc. can be very drying - make it more glowy and alive, and generally just perk up the face. Origins Drink up intensive overnight mask is my absolute skin care Holy Grail. A full post will be up soon but it is beautiful. Doesn't feel to sticky on the skin, it's very gentle, doesn't block your pores... you basically wake up with plump, healthy looking skin.

And that's it for my product recommendations. If any guys are actually reading this, I really hope it was helpful for you. I cannot stress enough that no matter what gender or what age you are, having a good skincare regime is essential. Your face shows the biggest signs of ageing, stress, health and let's face it... happiness, so look after your skin from the outside and in! (apologies for getting a bit 'High School Musical' on you there...)

I would love to know your thoughts on beauty and skincare through the ages, any men's skincare recommendations you have... and generally just your thoughts on this kind of post :) As always, thank you so much for reading!

*This feature is brought to you in collaboration with House of Fraser. To find out more about Men's skincare and shop more of the range, please visit this link.

Sunday, 31 August 2014


I have been excited to write up my August favourites from probably just a couple of days into the month. Yes, that probably makes me extremely sad, I do understand that. But there is something about being totally able to vent, fan girl, obsess over my latest fashion, beauty, miscellaneous item loves without being told to shut the fuck up give it a rest.

And I absolutely love that :) On to the favourites...

Thursday, 28 August 2014


There is something quite classy and elegant, but also girly and (dare I say it, a about Zara's spring dress offering featured today. (I definitely should not have used the term sexy!) That is in my opinion anyway. I apologize in advance Zara for portraying none of the adjectives above, however I can assure you that on possibly anyone else in the world, all of the above descriptions will shine through :)

Monday, 25 August 2014


Yeah, I wasn't joking about the fact that I could start a 'New Shoes' series because I purchase them so much. Yes, it's an addiction that could send me down a slippery (and poor) slope. Yes, I'm meant to be saving for a house. Yes, I went ahead and did this knowing that it was unnecessary and wrong. But these shoes are different. Here me out on this one...

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I love nothing more than a good basic. (Chocolate, Curry and Coffee aside, obviously) As someone that works long hours and often has early mornings, having my basics at hand is always a winner as getting ready in the morning usually involves doing so in the dark.

Apart from the time I went into work - at 5am may I add - with my jeans on back to front. True story. Don't ask!

My favourite basic at the moment is a new purchase from ASOS. I had a £20 voucher that needed spending - which is always a recipe for disaster as let's face it, who can shop on ASOS and spend less than £20? - and this little beauty, in the sale for £10, was right at the top of my list.

Said basic 'beauty' that is not only ridiculously comfortable, easy to wear and versatile, but also an amazing choice for those 'all you can eat buffet' times. Classy times people, classy times...
You may have sneakily seen this dress in my previous post about my new bag - yep, another one - but I love it too much not to feature it on it's own. The Breton stripes really do make this outfit so effortless, whether you pair it with loafers and a trilby, or boots and a biker jacket. The possibilities are endless.

Apologies for sounding like an Adidas advert. Impossible is nothing (...and all that jazz!)
Dress: Asos
Boots: Zara
Bag: Aldo
Watch and Buckle bracelet: Michael Kors
Hair resembling Hagrid on a bad hair and generally dishevelled look: courtesy of the poxy wind and and overzealous spritz of Charles Worthington Texturising spray.

On the subject of wind, I think it's safe to say that our summer is over, isn't it? This devastates me and makes me happy in equal measures. I will sincerely miss being able to wake up, throw on a pair of skorts, a tee, and sliders without having to factor in any wind, rain, cold situations. (Not to forgot being able to rock a natural tan, of course!) I am however, stupidly happy to be able to pull out my chunky knit sweaters, leather trousers and endless supply of boots from the depths of my wardrobe again. Will I be ruing the day I said that when I'm freezing my nips off cold? probably. But I'm willing to put it out there for now.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to know what your go-to basics are? What items you're always relying on in your wardrobe? Help a girl out and give me some - much unneeded - shopping inspo :)

As always, thanks so much for reading!

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