Sunday, 21 December 2014


I've never really been one for chopping and changing phone cases. My completely split in half/battered to a pulp/tramp-esque phone case that I was using up until today will vouch for that. And then, after spotting a few of my favourite bloggers on Instagram with a trendy new iPhone cases, I all of a sudden got a certain urge to get a new one. And then I turned into a woman on a mission.

I'm literally talking - searching every high street - and online - store known to mankind. Using a custom made website and trying all the Pinterest photo's in the world to make it look cool, but I just wasn't satisfied. And then - by the way, can I just express that I know it's technically grammatically incorrect to start a sentence with 'And', but it adds to the drama of my post/helps me write how I talk, so let's just roll with it shall we? ;) - my fairy godmother in the form of Iconememis*, sent me an email asking if I'd like to chose a phone case from their collection to feature on my blog. It's almost like they read my mind...

They have so many lovely cases but when I saw this one*, I knew I was going to 'need' to have it immediately. I love coffee, to the point of visiting Starbucks every single day when I'm working from home, - which has been 99% of the time for the last few months. Yep, give me alll the coffee! - so basically, if I were to be a phone case, this would be me.
Isn't it a little beauty? (No you knob, it's an iPhone case, get over yourself). So, because I always feel like I am slightly cheating you out of a post by just talking about one simple thing, I decided to add in a few other 'Blogger essentials'. Or, at least what I find essential anyway.

Said Blogging Essentials
My MacBook Air - I only treated myself to this a few months ago and I am so happy that I did. It's fair to say that I am a complete MacWanker Mac convert ;) and find this little 11inch version to be perfectly discreet and light to carry for blogging on the go.

Notebook - I bought this notebook from Paperchase. Now, I am a complete and utter stationary nerd meaning that Paperchase to me, is pretty much the fame-whore store for Kim Kardashian so I am in my element in that store. Paperchase have a ridiculous amount of choice but I settled on this maroon leather notebook with gold gilded sides which is, in true Cheryl FV style "right up my street".

Blue tack - The bloggers holy grail when it comes to keeping mascara, eyeliner and any product without a flat side in one place for photographs. (#BloggerProblems)

Camera - I am very lucky that my boyfriend also works in TV - and makes films, keeps himself busy doesn't he? - so has a very nifty Canon 7D that I borrow on a regular basis, i.e all the bloody time. But you definitely don't need such a huge (and expensive) camera, there are so many great little digital cameras out there, or even smaller DSLR's like the Canon 1100d which I also have, is great for a point and shoot type photo's and is much less expensive. Plus, the iPhone 6 camera is more than satisfactory for a part-time blogger or just anyone that doesn't want, need, or have the funds to invest in one.

Coffee - a girl's gotta have her energy to keep up with those posts, right? That is all.

Pinterest - The Holy Grail of procrastination for bloggers. Because it's illegal to write a blog post without going off on a tangent and ending up on Pinterest for an hour in between isn't it? Yes it is, that's right. So glad you agree ;)

Last but not least, an amazing iPhone case. Well, that comes courtesy of Iconemesis of course ;) My case is linked here - and all over this page, I do love a link - but make sure you check out the rest of their range as they're all beautiful and there really is something for everyone!

So I would say that that's about it for my basic blogger essentials. I would love to know what you find essential for blogging? Any new essentials that I missed, agree with mine listed above? I absolutely love reading your comments so let me know what you think :)

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!


*This item is a PR sample and was sent to me for review purposes. As with all of my posts on this blog, my thoughts are 100% my genuine opinion.

Thursday, 18 December 2014


One thing I never thought I'd do on this blog, is write a perfume review. There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing that, nothing at all; it's just that for me, because you can't see, smell or get any impression of what the product actually does without trying it in person and smelling for yourself, it feels ever so slightly that I'm cheating you out of a post. This whole entire blog post - my long ramble words and pretty (at least, they're pretty in my eyes) pictures - can basically be summed up in one sentence. This fragrance is incredible and you need to go and smell it for yourself. 

And yet here I am, eating those long, rambly words of mine and writing a blog post based around a perfume.

I am a poor excuse of a human being.

However this isn't just any old perfume - it's an M&S perfume - it really is, as completely ridiculous and superficial as this sounds, completely unique and... special.

I've spoken a lot and I haven't even told you what it is yet so how about I make it up to you and insert some nice imagery here? That sounds like a plan you say? Great news... ;)

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt. I first heard about this perfume when an influx of bloggers had received this when the perfume first launched (lucky, lucky ladies) so I smelt it, loved it, and then reminded myself that I'm a struggling freelance TV Producer that might end up with beans on toast for the rest of the month if I buy it (Which would be bloody unfortunate for a coeliac that can't eat bread anyway.)

Silly jokes aside, my beautiful Mum surprised me with this while we were on holiday as she'd seen me go into Jo Malone numerous times and have a cheeky spray of it (...much to the annoyance of the shop assistants) So here's what Jo says about the perfume - you know, because obviously Jo and I are on first name terms - and then I'll bring out my notorious descriptive skills for your amusement and let you know what I think :)

"Escape the everyday along the windswept shore. Waves breaking white, the air fresh with sea salt and spray. Alive with the mineral scent of the rugged cliffs. Mingling with the woody earthiness of sage. Lively, spirited and totally joyful"

And here's what I have to say - It's bloody lovely. The End!

No I'm totally kidding. For me, this is the perfect, perfect Autumn/Winter scent. It's such a great mix of woody, herby but also very subtly sweet. I think the thing that made it stand out for me is that it's so unique to anything that I've tried before. It's sophisticated but also manages to be sexy. Classy but also fresh and flirty. It's one of those fragrances that could never be "too much". It's not in your face, it's completely non-offensive and so far I haven't found a single friend or family member that hasn't loved it. An all round winner in my eyes.

As I've exhausted all possible synonyms for the phrases fresh and woody I think it's probably time to wrap this up now. I would really love to know if you've tried - or own - this perfume? Is it one that you've had your eyes but haven't committed to buying?

Also, what are your current favourite perfumes? Any in particular that you gravitate towards in Winter? I would love to hear your thoughts :)

As always, thank so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!


Tuesday, 16 December 2014


If there's one thing I really don't do well - apart from saving money, eating healthily, exercising... OK, OK, you get the gist - it's dressing for "in between weather". You know the one I'm talking about - when it's ridiculously cold out but also bright and sunny. What on earth is the smart/casual dress code option for this weather?

No literally, help a girl out here and give some guidance, I am struggling here ladies!

Today's ensemble was thrown on on a 'transitional' day. Too breezy for a shirt but I needed something to "smarten/pretty up" the outfit a bit. It might not have been totally weather appropriate, but I did enjoy wearing it, and it did a good job of making me feel a bit smarter, rather than wacking on 10 pairs of super cosy tights and looking like a sack of potatoes. Who knew a leather midi could be so useful?

On to the outfit. But first, let me take a selfie let me apologise/pre-warn you that this post contains seriously, seriously windswept hair. Don't say I didn't warn you...
Yep, I wasn't joking about that dragged through a hedge backwards, homeless person, windswept hair was I?
Asymmetric Jumper that I am completely in love with: New Look
Skirt bought in last year's boxing day sale that I've only just had the balls to bring out of the closet: River Island
Shoes: Primark. Aka The Mothership. Where else?
Moving on to my favourite part of this post. I picked up a new lip gloss a couple of days back and the only thing I'm disappointed by is the fact that I didn't get it sooner. It's part of Tanya burr's Lip gloss and Nails line and it's the gloss in 'Chic'.
It is the perfect natural, every day lip gloss. It's a beautiful beige nude with a pink undertone and to coin the most annoying phrase in the world, really is - "my lips but better". The formula is just as great as the other glosses in the line - I own First Date and Picnic in the park, two beautiful nude pinks... are you sensing a theme here? - and I can't even think about wearing another product on my lips right now.

It is, to be completely unoriginal - the epitome of Chic. Well named Tanya, well named!

So that's it from me today, have you tried any of the Tanya burr lip glosses? Any recommendations for me? Also, what's your go-to 'Smart/Casual' outfit? I would love to hear your thoughts :)

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!


Sunday, 14 December 2014


I didn't have a November favourites post this month. Now, I could sit here and use work/freelance projects/social life as an excuse but in all honesty... I just forgot. Yeah, minus 10 blogger points bitch! If I did have a November favourites however, the products in today's post would most definitely be included in that non-existent post. I bought them at the end of October and have not stopped using them since. It's love ladies, it's love. (Yep, totally possible to be in love with a product, and it doesn't make you superficial at all [insert confused/guilty face here])

Said products in question? Two incredible offerings from The Body Shops Camomile range in the shape of the the cleansing oil and the eye makeup remover. Ever the fan of saving the best until last, I was tempted to do the same for this post, however I just cannot help but jump into my fan girl rave about my favourite product here because it is quite simply... Incredible!!
The Camomile silky cleansing oil (£10) This product has been raved about all over the interweb so I'm pretty confident in the thought that this won't be the first time you've heard about it. But I can't not chip in with my two pence worth. It's an oil - Jesus, bright spark over here - that you massage onto the face - over clean skin for a daily cleanse or over your made up face to remove all that goodness. (Yep, totally referring to makeup as 'superficial goodness'.) Add a little bit of water into the mix to lather it on your face and then simply wipe off with a cloth of choice. With only 1 pump, it easily removes every trace of makeup. Every!!

Now, I have normal/combination, oily skin - Yeah, god pulled all those problems out of the bag when he made me - and prior to trying this, the thought of cleansing with an oil did ever so slightly freak me out. I had no need for my melodramatic bitch fit as this doesn't leave the skin with any greasy residue, it doesn't make your skin extra oily an hour or so down the line, it just does the job leaving skin clean and clear and ready for the rest of your skincare regime. If there is one new product you should try/add to your skincare regime, or if there's one product of the year that I am so happy I discovered this year, it is this.

Rave over, on to the next item in question.
Dear gentle eye make up remover (£8), you're nice, you really are, and I'm sorry that your review will be sufficiently diluted by the fact that whilst you're great, you just don't compare to the above ;)

'Elle being a prat' session over, in short, this is a good eye make up remover. A couple of squirts on a cotton wool pad and it does a really good job of removing even my waterproof mascara, but it's just pretty hard to compare against something that is one of my all time fave products of the year. If you're in the market for a good eye make up remove that's really reasonably priced, then I'd definitely recommend it.

On the subject of price, I wanted to point out that a) I bought both of these products and they aren't PR samples and b) I think for the quality of them - especially the cleansing oil - they are so, so affordable and amazing value for money.

I have now spoken a hell of a lot about just two skincare items so I will end this review here. What I would love to know though - you know, because I'm nosy like that - is if you have tried these products, or any other products from the range? Do you have any skincare items that you've fallen in love with this year? I would love to hear your thoughts :)

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!


Friday, 12 December 2014


It's nearly here ladies - and gents, if I'm including my boyfriend/dad/male family members that feel obliged to read my blog - the day that we've been waiting for since it rolled into boxing day last year is just around the corner. So, I thought I'd share some Christmassy goodness - christmassy goodness?... what a twat! - with you all to get you even more in the spirit. Or to get you Scrooges involved that refuse to put your tree up until a handful of days before. [If you are that person by the way, you are not my friend!... just kidding, I love you really, please carry on reading my blog ;) ]

Yankee Candle 2014 Calendar - My Mum got this for me as part of my birthday present - along with far too much, I know you're reading this Mum (Jesus, I'm too cool) you were too generous/naughty. But thank you! - and it is without a doubt the perfect calendar for me. It contains 5 Christmas scented Tea lights from Yankee candle and I have gone to town lighting these all day, ehrrday!
Sephora Lip cream stain, 03 Strawberry Kisses - I'm a pussy wimp when it comes to bright lips. I hoard them, review them, lust over them like crazy but I never fail to feel like a clown whilst wearing them. However... it's not Christmas without a red/bright lip is it? No, you're right, it isn't, and this one is my go-to "I think I'll actually leave the house wearing it too" bright lip. The formula is also incredible so it's perfect for the party season. (Mini review here)
MAC Melon pigment - This is such a sentimental product for me. Around 3 years ago now my Mum came home one day and surprised me with this so I always have fond thoughts whenever I use it. It is the most gorgeous shimmery, peachy bronze, metallic shade (can you tell I'm bloody awful with description? Head over to Make up and Beauty blog for a much better version, plus swatches) That aside, take it from me that it's perfect for Christmas and I will no doubt be rocking this over the period.
Christmas nails - Whether you're going for glitter, nail stencils or just your classic red - you have to paint your nails with a Christmas theme. It's just like, the law or something... :) I have opted for one of my favourite polishes - Formula X for Sephora, Illusionary - topped with some majorly tacky, naff, cheapchavvy glitzy nails stickers that I got from an event once*

*We all know that that means I haven't got a clue where they're from.
The Body Shop Vanilla Brûlée range - I reviewed two of my favourite products from the range this week so I'll just link it here and cut down on the waffle. You're welcome ;)
Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte - Christmas isn't Christmas without a red cup and the TNL (Yep, abbreviating latte flavours because I'm really, really cool) is my drink of choice. That is all!
Now, it's not Christmas without a terrible but amazing Christmas jumper is it? So of course I couldn't leave out my own cheesy, cheesy offering of choice. (Included in the photo above as I failed to photo it on it's own without giving off a "Hi, here's my boobs" vibe. Blogger problems... But it is just as naff as a Christmas jump should be!

Vlogmas - I hold my hands up, Vlogmas is potentially my favourite thing ever about Christmas. Does that make me sad? Maybe. Do I actually care? Erm, I don't think I do. (A loser and proud people, a loser and proud) I love Vlogmas - I love taking a nose into other people's day to day lives whether they're off doing something exciting or just lounging around the house. I love feeling like you get to know the girl behind the camera a bit more... basically, I'm just pretty nosy :) Here are my Vlogmas favourites:
Fleur De Force - Sammi, The Beauty Crush - Zoe London - Amelia Liana - Susie, Hello October - Becca Rose
I would go into detail about why I love these ladies so much but let's be real, I've spoken a lot already (and you're probably bored shitless) plus you probably know of them, or watch them yourselves already. What I would like to know though, is who are your favourite Vloggers? Who else do I need to subscribe to to get me into the Christmassy spirit (and let's face it, perfect my procrastination skills even further!)

So that brings my Christmas Countdown post to an end. I hope you enjoyed this post and are now feeling sufficiently Christmassy! If you have any other products, traditions, food/drink etc. that's helping you get in the spirit, please let me know in the comments below.

...Oh, and don't forget to tell me who your favourite Vlogmas bloggers are :)

As always, thank you so much for watching!


Tuesday, 9 December 2014


 Sometimes, my outfit choices aren't entirely based around just picking a 'great outfit'. (Which is a good thing because if you think I'm gonna wear anything other than a big woolly onesie on a Sunday then you're sorely mistaken) Sometimes, it's the finer details of the outfit that makes the whole, and I think this sums up my outfit today.

At least I bloody hope it does because the overall concoction probably leaves little to be desired.

On to the details. In advance, links to the items will be linked below however the ridiculously large bags under the eyes are not from Chanel, they are the model's own. [insert yawn/tired/I'm dying emoji here]

PPS. Can we all take a moment to appreciate the perfect winter sun lighting in these photo's. Oh I do love great lighting.
So, I've gone in first with my favourite detail in the form of my maroon leather jacket. This is my first actual, real and for once completely not pleather jacket, and I am absolutely in love with it. It was part of my birthday gifts from my parents - so it's also sentimental. Am I the only one that gets sentimental with clothing? - and it is the softest leather I have ever felt. My mum had seen my lust after this in store and sneakily picked it up when I went to procrastinate in another shop. What a woman!
This scarf - ever so elegantly shoved around my neck like a noose - is a cashmere bad boy from H&M. Usually, I am all for Primark polyester ehhrrthing however I decided to splash out a little and invest in this cashmere version. It's black so it goes with everything, it's ridiculously soft and it's also a nice length/thickness. Not too much, but substantial enough. Love!
These earrings. I first saw them a few months back when the whole Dior "big pearl, little pearl" thing was really trendy. (Trendy? Apologies for temporarily turning into a 50 year old just then) I thought they were interesting, I didn't love them. Fast forward 2months and a sale in Dorothy Perkins and I just couldn't resist buying them for £4. 
Can we also talk about these boots? We can? Oh, brilliant... I've had these boots now for nearly 2months, and I kid you not, they have barely left my feet since I purchased them. They are the perfect over the knee boot for someone who wants a pair that don't border on a red light distract "attraction". They are ridiculously comfortable - I'm talking 5 hours straight pounding the streets of the West End, shopping. And they're also great for anyone that has relatively narrow legs - sounds weird, sure. But I really struggle to find long boots that aren't excessively baggy around the legs, these boots fit the bill perfectly!

Leather Jacket: Stradivarius (available here)
Scarf: H&M (available here)
Slightly worn - aka well loved which means it's totally OK, right? - boots: H&M (available here)
10years too late earrings: Dorothy Perkins (available here)
30 year old dress (at 22 years old, clearly this is exaggeration): Primark

Today - well, when these photo's were taken anyway - is evidence for why I absolutely love Winter sun. Days that produce photo's that don't need any Photoshop 'brighten' action are easily one of my favourite things in life (Fashion Blogger Priorities!)...

But what are your favourite things? What are you loving about winter? Any fashion or beauty details that you rely on to perk up an outfit? I would love to hear your thoughts :)

As always, thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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